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BtVS: Slayer Central - BtVS: Slayer Central - BtVS: Slayer Central - BtVS: Slayer Central

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    Updates for April 30, 2000:
    BtVS News: Cool New Info!
    Episode Guide: Updated!
    Spike Gallery: New Gallery Added!
    BtVS Poll: New Question Added!

    David Boreanaz Online:
    BtVS Slayer Central Presents: David Boreanaz Online! It's your unofficial source for David Boreanaz (Angel) Information! Featuring News, Multimedia, Quotes, Transcripts, a Posting Board, and Much More. Click HERE to visit it today!

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    Upcoming Buffy Episodes:
    Here's a List of the upcoming episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! If you have any episode info or news on upcoming episodes,
    please E-Mail Me

    Episode Title Date Airing All New or Repeat
    Real Me October 3, 2000 All New
    The Replacements October 10, 2000 All New


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    BtVS: Slayer Central - BtVS: Slayer Central - BtVS: Slayer Central - BtVS: Slayer Central

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