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BtVS Interactive Adventure Game:
"Buffy vs. Angel"

After finding Angel a changed man, Buffy finally has the strenght and readiness to try and kill Angel--But can it be done? You decide the outcome by choosing what you want to happen. Just choose what you want the character to do in the boxes, and click next. Continue doing that until the end of the story.


(Buffy just wakes up from a Nightmare she was having about her and Angel fighting)

Buffy: Woa! (Rubs her forehead and hops out of bed)

(Buffy walks downstairs to the kitchen)

Joyce Summers: Hi Honey. (Hands her a cup of coffee) What, tough morning?

Buffy: Nah, just a strange dream. That's all. (Takes a sip of coffee, and kisses her mom goodbye)

Buffy: Gotta go to school. See ya Mom.

Joyce Summers: Bye Sweatheart (Smiles)

(Buffy walks to school and Sees Xander and Willow)

Xander: (Very Cheerful) Hey Buffy!

Buffy: Hey.

Willow: Umm....You okay?

Buffy: I...I..Um...I'm Fine. Nothing's wrong

Xander: Well, that I...I thing didn't make it sound like's nothing's wrong

Buffy: I hade a dream.

Willow: Like what? Was Angel Involved?

Buffy: Yeah, it's just making it harder for me, you know?

Xander: That bastard! We'll get him.

Buffy: I don't know. He knows everything there is about me. We know.

Willow: Hmm...I'm sorry Buffy. I know it must be hard.

Buffy: Uh..yeah. Listen, I gotta go. (Walks away)

Xander: What happended there?

(Buffy begins walking and hears a scream)