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By: Anja K.

DISCLAIMER: Hi, I do not own anybody, the Criminal song (I think that's property of Fiona Apple) or Buffy and co. Anybody who's ever heard the original song will be able to appreciate how much I've mutilated the lyrics, and please visit my site at

You've been a bad, bad boy
You've been reckless with a vengful girl
It's a sad, sad world
When a vamp 'll torture a girl
Just because he can

You don't even pretend to deny it
You've done wrong I want you to
Suffer for your sins
You would've come to me 'cause you need
A curse to be true again and I just don't know where to begin

What you need is a good defense
'Cause you'd feel like a criminal
To the one you've sinned aganist
Because I'm all you knew of love

Heaven help you for the way you are
Save you fom those evil deeds
Before you get them done
I know the consequences are coming soon
But you keep living this night like they will never come

I'd help you but you like it
You've got to cleanse yourself
Of all these deeds till you're good
You will lose and I'm
Bettin' high
So I'm tellin' you before it ends
Just tell me where to begin

I'll let you know the way
Before there's hell to pay
Give me room to lay the curse to let you free
I've got to make a start
To make my lover come back
So what would my Angel say
I would like to know

What you need is a good defense
'Cause you're feelin' like a criminal
And you need to be redemed
To the one you've sinned aganist

Because I'm all you ever knew of love