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By: GylzGirl

My whole world is shaken,
In every sense.
I stand amidst the ruins
Of my stacks.

I don't care if it is the Codex!
How can this be true?
How could such a Slayer
Fall to the night?

How do I tell her?
Do I tell her?
How can I not?
What if it's wrong?

It's unfair to send her out
Unknowing, unprepared.
Yet knowing, she may decide
She can't fight fate.

But then, what's been fair?
A 16 year old holding the world's fate
In her delicate, trembling hands?
A child fending off the oldest evils.

While I sit and I watch
(I'm good at that)
Pronounce the sentence, pat her head
And send her to annihilation?

No, it's my duty to protect her,
From destiy itself if need be.
I would enter the gates of hell for her.
Well, that is what I'd be doing, isn't it.

If the Master wants blood,
He can take mine and choke.
I'll kill him before I let him touch her.
Even if it means my death.

Disclaimer- I own the poem and my brain ,for everything else, praise Joss the Almighty! Some of Giles' thoughts during Prophecy Girl.