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By: GylzGirl

I reached out to touch you.
You pulled away.
I have never hated myself more
Than at that moment.

I never thought, never dreamed,
This evil from my past
Could reach across the decades
And touch you.

Please believe that if I'd known how
I would have stopped it.
Please believe that if it would've freed you
I would have given my life.

I look into your beautiful eyes,
Big and deep and soulful
And I see the confusion, pain, and fear
Lurking behind the threat of tears.

I don't know what to do.
How can I leave you alone?
I want to hold you so badly.
My arms ache for your presence.

I want to give your security back,
But what you want is space.
I owe you any request.
Even one that's killing me.

I pass you daily in the halls.
I ask Willow how you're doing.
Though I can't touch, Jenny, I'm watching you.
It's just what I do.

Disclaimer: Joss owns everything but the actually poem which is mine, blah blah biddy blah- I'm so bored- Get on with the poem! Point of view is Giles to Jenny.