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"I Thought I'd Lost You"
By: GylzGirl

(NOTE: Written from Jenny's point of view)

I saw you struggling in the beast's clutches.
I grabbed the crossbow like some action movie bad-ass.
I squeezed the trigger, spouting my witty quip
And watched in horror as the arrow pierced you.

I thought I'd lost you and it was all my fault.
I thought I'd killed you and almost worse,
I thought you' d die thinking I hated you.
All at once I knew how you had felt.

Staring into my face, seeing Eyghon looking back.
Not knowing how to free me without my death.
Seeing yourself as the cause of my pain.
Thinking that you'd lost me.

I couldn't breathe until I saw you
Retract the missle and slay the vampire.
I rushed to your bleeding side, expecting
The same venom I'd showered on you.

Instead, soft words, comforting me.
That bright smile I'd cried for in it's abscence.
Even as your own blood coated your hands,
You laughed and reached for me.

Drove you home from the hospital.
Tucked you into bed, laid beside you.
Put my hand on your chest, watched it rise and fall.
For the first time in a long while, I was happy.

Disclaimer- Joss owns Giles, Jenny ,Eyghon, etc. I own anything else.