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By: GylzGirl

Dawn's light burst into the room
And I woke, lying in your arms.
I rolled back to face you
To lie chest to chest, skin to skin
Once more.

Your breath was warm against my face.
I lightly touched your hair.
Did you know you wear that sexy smile
Even while you sleep?

I licked my lips and could still taste you.
I could smell your scent on my skin.
I wondered, Do I permeate your whole being
As thoroughly as you do mine?

I trail my finger down your arm
Remembering how long I waited to touch you, Just like this.

You eyelids fluttered open.
Your jade eyes focused on mne,
Seeing my heart, reading my thoughts.
I felt myself blush.

I tried to say "Rupert."
You stopped my mouth with a kiss,
Drew your hand slowly down my back
Rubbed your knee against my thigh.

My trembling hand touched your cheek.
I pulled back to look into your smiling eyes.
I always found words for our sparring matches,
But how do I tell you I love you?

Disclaimer- Rupert and Jenny are owned by Joss Whedon and co. I own whatever's left after that. This is written to Giles from Jenny's point of view.