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The Sunnydale Cemetery

Welcome to the Sunnydale Cemetery. This is where you'll find all the Characters from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" who have dies. Some Good, Some Evil. Just Remeber....You might not leave here alive!

The Master: The Master was the most powerful vampire, The "Old One" as some call him. The Master was killed when Buffy threw him through the roof down to the library where he landed on a piece of wood. Months later, The Annointed One and other Vampires tried bringing him back to life, but Buffy and her Friends stopped them. They soon relized that the only way to destroy The Master for good was to destroy his bone, and so they did.

Episode He Died In: "Prophecy Girl"

Luke (The Vessel): Luke was one of the Master's more faithful minions, the vessel. He was the one that was supposed to help the Master free himself from his "mystical prison" during the night of the Harvest. Unfortunitly for The Master, he failed, when Buffy staked him in the heart.

Episode He Died In: "The Harvest"

Darla: Darla was the Master's favorite. She was a very old and a very skilled vampire. She had a history with Angel. Infact, it was Darla who turned him into what he is now....a Vampire. She was killed when Angel staked her with a arrow from Buffy's crossbow.

Episode She Died In: "Angel"

The Annointed One: The Annointed One first appeared in the episode: "Never kill a Boy on the First date", when 'he rose from the ashes of the five. After that Episode, he was shown every once in a while until the Prophecy Girl episode where he played his part. He led Buffy into The Master's Lair. After the Master's death, he took over, but when Spike came to Sunnydale, things changed. Spike and The Annointed One didn't get along, so Spike killed him by locking him in a cage, and sending him into the harmful sunlight.

Episode He Died In: "School Hard"

The Ugly Man: The Ugly Man appeared in the episode "Nightmares". He was created from the mind of Little Billy Palmer or as the Ugly Man said "Lucky 19." This man terrorized Billy. Thankfully, Buffy dispossed of this nasty creature. She knocked him down but only Billy could beat him. Billy confronted his fear and destroyed the Ugly Man.

Episode He Died In: "Nightmares"

The Ugly Man: