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"My Moira"
By: Taygeta

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that plagerism is illegal and that all material listed here now or in the future is copyrighted for protection. Also note that the characters are creative property of Joss Whedon and the WB, but the fictional tales belong to the individual writers.

"Xander...oh, Xander," a coquettish voice said calling Alexander "Xander" Harris out of his deep slumber. He opened his eyes slowly, and they met the most beautiful sight...his wife.

"Hey," Xander said softly as a smile appeared upon her face.

"Hey, yourself," she said as she lightly kissed face; his forehead, his brow, his cheek, and just when she was about to reach his lips, she made a move to jump out of bed.

"Not so fast," Xander said with a laugh as he grabbed her waist gently and then hushed her giggling lips with his.

"I'd say get a room, but this is your room. So, I'm going to say get a room and close the door," retorted fifteen-year-old Moira Willow Harris leaning against the doorframe of her parents' bedroom.

Xander coughed slightly as he let go of his wife, who was noticeable turning pinkish, despite the fact that their daughter had seen them in their passionate moments for more times than she liked to admit. Moira saw her mother kiss her father on the cheek gently before she got out of bed and walked to the door with a sigh.

She looked at Moira with a smile, a shake of her head, and then said, "Just my luck, my daughter gets my husband's sense of humor," and she kissed her daughter and walked out of the door.

"Moira, you also got my bad timing," said Xander with a yawn, causing Moira rolled her eyes, and close the door to let her dad sleep.

Xander lay back on his pillows, but didn't fall asleep. He thought about how everything had changed since they had closed the Hellmouth twenty years ago. Everything was decidedly peaceful and there were no more vampires to slay or creatures of the night and day to fight, just the normal ones. He sighed in content, for the last few years, he had lived in peace and happiness that he had never known could exist. He found it everyday in his daughter, in his life, and in the love of his life...Buffy Summers.

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