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Did You See That? -- Season 2

Did You See That? is the page where I let you know some of the interesting things that you might have missed when you were watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It includs bloopers, flubs, and anything that you could have not noticed throughout the show

Episode: "The Becoming Part 2"

  • Spike smokes a cigarette, but really this is impossible because vampires don't have breath. - Submitted By: Ophelia

  • When Angel tries to kill Buffy, she catches the sword; if you look closely, her hand is in the middle of the sword. Then there is a shot at Angel, then to Buffy again; if you look where her hands are this time, they are at the end of the sword not at the middle where they where before. She hadn't moved her hand because we didn't see Angel's arm move, so it must have been a Hollywood camera trick. They could've taped that sequence backwards, where Buffy's hands would open up and the sword would come out, then they played it backwards during the editing session. - Submitted By: Julie

  • Spike suffocates Dru to be able to bring her away. If vamps can't breathe, why would she pass out. Also, when he picks up Dru, her arm is at her side. In the next shot, it is on Spike's shoulder. As well, when Buffy and Angel are in the mansion when he has her cornered, light is shining on skin. Wouldn't this burn him? - Submitted By: Jaclyn

  • When he and Buffy kiss at the end of the ep, Buffy is wearing her necklace, yet it doesn't burn him like it did in the ep Angel. - Submitted By: Jaclyn

  • How does Buffy know that Drusilla (personally) killed Kendra? How does she know that Whistler is "an immortal demon sent to preserve the balance between good and evil"? That's a bit too accurate to be a guess. - Submitted By: Stephen

  • f Acathla was killed by a (European) knight centuries ago, how does its tomb come to be buried in California? - Submitted By: Stephen

    Episode: "The Becoming Part 1"

  • It's been stated several times that Angel is 241 years old. This would mean he was born around 1757. However, right at the beginning of the episode we see Angel being made into a vampire, and the year is given as 1753! Of course, if you've been around a couple of centuries, I can see how you could lose a decade or two. - Submitted By: Stephen

  • In preparation for the ceremony to give Angel his soul, they need an orb of Thesula, and Giles was using one as a paper weight. This is a direct crack at the comment made by the shopowner in Passion who said "new agers" were using them for that very purpose.

    In Becoming, when Buffy finds the disk, Willow turns to the computer and talks about going through Miss Calenders bookmarks. But in Passion, Angel threw her computer off the desk and it caught on fire. I don't think that hard drive would be recoverable, do you? - Submitted By: Raven

  • On Becoming Part 1, they showed how Angel became a vampire. Right after Darla said, "Close your eyes." and he falls for it. At the end of Becoming Part 2 before he is sucked into hell, Buffy says, "Close your eyes." Is that a coincidence or what? I can't believe he fell for it...TWICE. - Submitted By: Anne

    Episode: "I Only Have Eyes For You"

  • After Buffy has re-entered the wasp-surrounded Sunnydale High, Giles and the others return to the campus and stand in front of the school. The far shot you see of them standing, staring at the wasps, is the exact same shot used earlier in the episode, after they have just escaped the wasp invasion. You can tell that this is the same shot by the way Giles is standing, and by the fact that you can see Buffy's legs if you look really closely.

    In the Episode, I only have eyes for you when Buffy shoots Angel there's blood on his hand but there's no blood on his shirt or a hole.

    Episode: "Killed By Death"

  • Before Buffy sees the Kindestod, you see a close-up of the clock change from 2:26 to 2:27. We then get a further shot, this time with Buffy's face in the foreground. During this shot, the clock reads 2:15.

  • In the episode "Killed by Death," when Buffy is in the hospital in the scene right after she sees Kindestod, you see her get up to go to the hallway. The first shot is from behind her, and you can see the I.V. cord coming from her hand, then you see her from the front, but when it goes back to behind, she gets up and there is no cord. But how can this be if you don't se her take it off until a few minutes later? - Submitted By: Da Slayer

    Episode: "Passion"

  • In the scene where Buffy and Joyce are eating dinner, look over Joyce's right shoulder at the picture behind her head. It's a publicity photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar that has appeared in the August '97 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

  • In the scene where Angel comes to kill Ms. Calendar, you can see the word FAT on the blackboard in big capital letters. - Submitted By: Invisible Boy

    Episode: "Surprises"

  • In the opening scene at the Bronze, Willow speaks to the monkey in French, saying: "l´hippo a piqué ton pantalon." This translates to: "The hippo stole your pants." This would be in reference to Oz's rant at the end of "What's My Line (Part 2)", where he discusses the pants of monkeys (all of which are French) and the hippo's jealousy over this.

  • In the opening scene, Dru stakes Angel and then he turns to dust and dies. Did you see that when his hand was disappearing, a ring dropped from his finger? Yeah, doesn't it look like the one Angel gave Buffy on the dock, or is it just a coincidence?

  • When Ms. Calender walks into the Bronze (Where Buffy's Party was) holding a box. But, did you notice that when she walked in, she said: "Can someone give me a hand? The box contained one of the hands of the Judge!

    Episode: "What's My Line (Part 1)"

  • Look at the last Kendra/Buffy scene: the one where Kendra is about to get into the taxi. What the viewer sees shifts back and forth between an "over-Kendra's-shoulder-and-looking-at-Buffy" shot to an "over-Buffy's-shoulder-and-looking-at-Kendra" shot. And each time the view changes, something interesting happens...Kendra's BRAID! The braid is over Kendra's right shoulder when we're looking at Buffy, but, when we see Kendra, the braid isn't over her shoulder, it's behind her. This happens again, and again, and again...until Kendra gets into the cab. Then, her braid is over her LEFT shoulder--and Kendra NEVER TOUCHED HER HAIR THE WHOLE TIME! Also, watch Buffy's necklace every time the view changes. At first, the necklace is caught on the right side of Buffy's jacket, but, as the shot shifts, Buffy's necklace MYSTERIOUSLY RIGHTS ITSELF! - Submitted By: Salatina

    Episode: "Lie to Me"

  • The movie playing on the tv's that Ford lip-synchs to is "Dracula", a 1973 made-for-TV movie starring Jack Palance as Count Dracula.

  • If you watch closely at the lenght of Buffy's hair when she was fighting the vampire in the alley behind the bronze (Where Ford is whatching her) you'll see that it is too long to be hers (About 4 inches below should lenght). However, after she dusts the vamp and turns around to face Ford, her hair ends roughly at shoulder level. Infact, the longer hair belongs to her stunt double, Sophia Crawford.

    Episode: "Halloween"

  • The van that Oz is driving at the end of the episode has its steering wheel located on the right side.

  • After Giles tells Willow to leave when he confronts Ethan, you can see Willow bump into curtain and hear her close the door, despite the fact that she's an intangible ghost.

  • On the halloween special, when Xander is about to get beat up by Larry, and buffy tells him to "get gone," she "saves a dollar" and gets a Diet Dr Pepper out of the machine. but if you look on the machine, there is no button for a Diet Dr.Pepper. - Submitted By: Da Slayer

    Episode: "Some Assembly Required"

  • If you looked carefully, none of the three pictures that Eric develops match the shots that he took at School. In Buffy's Picture there was no guy walking down the stairs right behind her with a striped-shirt, but in the Picture Eric developes, there is. When Eric took a picture of Willow, she was looking down at her clipboard, so the one developed was different. In the Pictures that Eric developed, Cordelia was looking into the camera, but in the real picture, Cordy's eyes were aimed away from the camera for the first two shots, then her hand covered her face for the remaining shots that Eric took with his camera.

  • This was the first Episode where Angel revealed that he was 241 years old.

  • The scene where Jenny and Giles were in the stands. Look for a curly haired guy next to them trying to avoid from looking at the camera. Does he look familiar to you? Last year he was one of the 14 finalists for the "Real World: Boston". - Submitted By: SpiffyGalX

    Episode: "When She Was Bad"

  • Look closely at Buffy shoes when she first enters the Bronze. Now, go to the part when the vampires capture Cordelia, and throw her into that room. Look closely at her shoes. They look almost identical to Buffy's!

    Episode: "Prophecy Girl"

  • After Buffy dies, and falls down into the pool, her arms are under her body while her hair is tied up behind her head. When Angel and Xander find her, Buffy's arms are spread out, and her hair is undone and floating freely in the water.

  • In the shot from the back seat of Cordelia and Ms. Calendar in the car, you can hear Cordelia talking, but her mouth isn't moving at all.

  • When Angel walks past the glass fronted display case to open the door for Xander you can plainly see his reflection, esp. his white shirt, but hang on, isn't he supposed not to have one! which is kinda weird anyway because vamps. don't have reflections because they don't have souls, but he didn't ahve one when he had his soul. - Submitted By: (Trekkie) Bekkie

  • Angel says he can't give Buffy CPR because he has no breath, but he says it while he is panting. He can't do that unless he is breathing! - Submitted By: (Trekkie) Bekkie

    If you know an Interesting Thing that happened on BtVS, please E-Mail Me Please also remember to include the Episode Title.