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Anthony Stewart Head
ASH Age: 45 Height: Unavailable Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown
Birthplace: Camdentown, England (Rasied in Hampton, England)
Birthdate: Febuary 20, 1954
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Anthony's Acting Career: Anthony Stewart Head is a very successful actor from England. He has many credits added to his list of accomplishments in the entertainment world. You may recognize him as that mysteriously romantic guy from those Tasters Choice commercials. He now stars as Rupert Giles, the school librarian and Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Watcher. The character he plays has an interesting way of providing comedy. He plays a thought-to-be-boring guy, but really has a mysterious past.

Anthony Stewart Head was a regular on the show VR-5. He has had guest stints on Highlander, and NYPD Blue. His movie credits include: A Prayer for the Dying, Lady Chatterley's Lover, and Devil's Hill. He also starred in the Showtime movie, Royce with Jim Belushi.

His England credits include: Secret Army, Acident, Bergerac, The Grudge Fight, Howard's Way, Pulaski, Enemy at the Door, and Love in a Cold Climate.

He was born in Camdentown, England and grew up in Hampton. He went to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and got his first break playing Jesus in "Godspell," in the West End. He has also starred in many other theater productions including: Julius Caesar, The Heiress, Chess, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Yonadab, and Rope.

Anthony Stewart head divides his time between homes in LA (where he films Buffy) and London where his family is. He and his girlfriend Sarah (not Gellar), have two beautiful daughters and ghost that haunts their home.

Biography is from The Buffy Cross and Stake

Education: London Academy of Music and Arts
Family: Father, Seafield; Mother, Helen; Brother, Murray Head; Daughters, Emily Rose (born '89) and Daisy May (born '91).
Special Skills: Horse riding, swimming, scuba diving, piano, guitar, stage fighting.
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Giles: System interrupted? Who says you can interrupt you stupid useless fad? Yeah, I said fad, and I'll say it again.

(From: Gingerbread)

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